Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Walpole Baker Refuses to Accept EBT Cards for Her Pies at Braintree Farmers Market

The person behind a Walpole pie company is in the middle of a controversy that centers around whoopie pies and welfare benefits.

The Boston Herald is reporting that Andrea Taber, who owns the Ever So Humble Pie Company, is refusing to accept EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) cards for her pies at the Braintree Farmers Market. The article quotes Taber as stating that she doesn't think "American taxpayers should be footing the bill for people's pie purchases," and that "it's no different than nail salons and Lottery tickets....My pies are great, but come on." (She also mentioned that she doesn't have an issue with people using EBT cards to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, but doesn't think that "luxury or gourmet desserts" should be included in the EBT program.)

The folks behind the Braintree Farmers Market, which is held each Saturday, say that they simply want people who are in need to have access to foods from the market's vendors, with chairwoman Donna Ingemanson saying "We just thought that people that were on food stamps a lot of times don't have healthy choices....What better chance to buy healthy foods than at a farmers market?"

Currently, the Braintree Farmers Market encourages--but does not require--its vendors to accept EBT payments, but the management of the market may look into making it a requirement next year. If it does, Taber says that she will no longer set up shop at the market.



Blogger Pat Oddo said...

First off, I do not get food stamps. What next? People on food stamps should not be allowed "organic" food because it costs more? I never really cared much for pie...If I did, I would make sure not to purchase from this pie shop. There are worse things bought with food stamps than just pie...okay food stamp users, EAT CAKE! It tastes better anyway....

1:45 PM  

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