Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Area Four in Cambridge's Kendall Square Opens a Hot Dog Cart

An eclectic restaurant and bar in Cambridge's Kendall Square that also includes a bakery/coffeehouse now has something else for diners--a hot dog cart.

The Chowder blog of Boston Magazine is reporting that Area Four at 500 Technology Square has set up a cart outside of the restaurant, with hot dogs being sold at lunchtime on weekdays. Chowder mentions that the cart is selling BN Ranch grass-fed all-beef hot dogs (the only place on the East Coast that does this), with toppings including jalapeno-pineapple relish and pickled banana pepper relish.

Area Four first opened its doors in May of 2011.

The address for this Area Four (and its hot dog cart) is 500 Technology Square (Main Street), Cambridge, MA, 02139. Their website can be found at