Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Frost Ice Bar Is Opening in Boston's Faneuil Hall

The first "ice bar" in New England is on its way, and it will be opening in the heart of downtown Boston.

An email from Marlo Marketing/Communications indicates that Frost Ice Bar is planning to open at Faneuil Hall, bringing to Boston an unusual drinking spot that features an ice-sculpted interior open year-round. The ice bar will be constructed and furnished entirely of ice and will have an indoor temperature of 24 degrees Fahrenheit, with specialty drinks served in ice glasses.

Ice bars can be found in a number of cities around the world, including ones in Orlando and Las Vegas.

Expect a spring 2013 opening for Frost Ice Bar in Boston. (Their website can be found at

[March 14, 2013 update: The Boston Herald reports that Frost Ice Bar will have 1,500 square feet of space and a capacity of 115, and a temperature colder than originally thought (17 degrees rather than 24 degrees). The bar, which will be located on the third floor of the north building of Faneuil Hall, will allow customers to stay for 45 minutes, with a possible admission charge of $29 (which would include one drink). Children aged six and older will be allowed until 5:00 PM, when it becomes 21+, according to the article.]

[July 22, 2013 update: The Restaurant Hub blog of the Boston Globe states that Frost Ice Bar will open sometime in August. The blog is also saying that the admission charge will be $19 (not $29, as was previously mentioned as a possibility) and that cocktails will be $11.]

[August 30, 2013 update: According to a Facebook post from the place, Frost Ice Bar opens in Boston today at 3:00 PM.]

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