Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kareem Restaurant Is Reopening in Watertown

The person behind a Syrian restaurant in Watertown that closed 12 years ago is bringing the dining spot back, though in a different location.

A poster on Chowhound (via an earlier article in the Watertown TAB) mentions that Ahmad Yasin is reopening Kareem in the Common Street space where he has done catering and held cooking classes for the past several years. The TAB article states that Yasin opened the original Kareem on Mount Auburn Street in 1984, where it remained in business until 2000, when he decided to try a find a space that he could own rather than continuing to rent. In 2005, he found a space on Common Street and has been catering and teaching there ever since (under the name Yasin Culinary), and now, he is planning to reopen Kareem at that site.

Kareem will only be open on weekends (for both lunch and dinner), as Yasin will continue to do catering and cooking classes during the week. Based on the catering menu at Yasin Culinary, the restaurant's menu could have such items as hummus, grape leaves, split yellow soup, kibbeh, and grilled chicken.

Expect a fall opening for Kareem , according to the TAB.

[November 19 update: The Watertown TAB reports that Kareem is now open for business.]

The address for this Syrian restaurant in Watertown is: Kareem, 99 Common Street, Watertown, MA, 02472.

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