Thursday, October 25, 2012

Newton to Consider Bringing Food Trucks to the City

Yet another Boston-area community is looking into the possibility of joining the food truck craze.

The Newton TAB is reporting that city officials are considering bringing food trucks to Newton, with a task force being formed to weigh the pros and cons of the issue. Currently, the city does not have any regulations for food trucks and other mobile dining spots, unlike neighboring communities Boston, Brookline and Needham, all of which have food truck programs. (Food trucks can also be found in Malden, with Medford and Somerville also considering them as well.)

The article implies that food trucks will probably not be coming to Newton anytime soon, based on the results of a meeting earlier this month where city officials saw that "they still have a lot of prep work to do" before it could happen.

Thanks to Eater Boston for bringing this to our attention.

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