Friday, October 12, 2012

Noodles and Company Has Plans to Come to Boston

A Colorado-based restaurant chain that features noodle dishes from around the world is looking to come to the Boston area, though it could be awhile before they do.

The Boulder County Business Report states that Noodles & Company is planning an expansion that would include "dozens of new restaurants in the Northeast" over the next several years, with Boston being eyed along with Hartford, Long Island, and New Jersey. (One location should be opening in East Brunswick, NJ, by early next year.) The chain has approximately 300 locations in nearly half the states in the country, though none in New England as of now.

Noodles & Company, which is headquartered in Broomfield, CO, offers diners an array of noodle-based items influenced by Asian, Mediterranean, and American cuisines, with such dishes as mushroom stroganoff, pad Thai, truffle mac, spaghetti, Japanese pan noodles, curry soup, and penne rosa. Salads and sandwiches can also be found on the menu.

The website for Noodles & Company is at