Friday, December 07, 2012

Is a Brick-and-Mortar Staff Meal on the Way?

The Staff Meal food truck added an interesting post to their Facebook page today, hinting that the folks behind the Boston-based truck might be "brick-and-mortaring."

According to their post, Staff Meal is "taking the truck off the streets for the winter," with "exciting new (indoor) developments coming soon." (And the note starts with their saying "Brick and mortaring it is.") Staff Meal says to stay tuned for further developments, so as soon as we get more information, we will post an update here.

[December 9 update: Grub Street Boston is reporting that Staff Meal owner Adam Gendreau is planning to do some pop-ups for his restaurant, but is also looking for "more permanent housing because the seasonality of the business is killing us." GS also mentions that one pop-up has already been set in place, with it being at Toro in the South End on Thursday, December 13.]

Staff Meal is a food truck that focuses on higher-end gourmet items and tends to attract people in the restaurant industry. A few items that they offer include foie gras baklava, Chinese sausage, beef stew in a sub roll, sriracha macaroni and cheese, braised beef tendon, spicy black bean tofu, and soy sauce chicken. Their website can be found at