Monday, December 03, 2012

TCBY to Return to the Boston Area

A chain of frozen yogurt shops that once had a number of stores in the Boston area is getting ready to return, with up to 25 locations on the way to the region.

The Boston Globe is reporting that TCBY is looking to open between 15 and 25 self-serve shops in the area during the next three to five years, with new stores beginning to open in March or April of 2013. The article states that back in 1990, there were seven locations of the chain in Massachusetts, with "four or five" still in business when Colorado-based Famous Brands bought TCBY in 2000. Currently, the only TCBY left in the area is in Norwell, according to the Globe.

TCBY started out in Arkansas in 1981, growing to include more than 400 shops in the United States today. The website for the frozen yogurt chain can be found at

Thanks to one of our readers for bringing this to our attention.

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