Thursday, January 17, 2013

Espresso Pizza in Medford Is Open Once Again

A popular pizza place in Medford that closed down a couple of years ago is back in business.

The Medford Transcript is reporting that Espresso Pizza is open once again on Boston Avenue, with the late owner's sister reopening the restaurant. The article mentions that in September of 2010, owner Anthony Salvato Jr. passed away, and the pizzeria ended up closing in January of 2011. Last month, Salvato's sister Patty Moore reopened Espresso Pizza and has added some upgrades, including wi-fi,  a new stove, and new ceiling panels, and she is planning to add new flat-screen TVs as well, according to the Transcript.

For now, Espresso Pizza is open only for dinner Monday through Saturday, though it should start opening for lunch at the beginning of February.

The address for this reopened pizza place in Medford is: Espresso Pizza, 336 Boston Avenue, Medford, MA, 02155. Its website can be found at

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