Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hi-Fi Pizza in Dorchester Temporarily Seized by the State; Will Reopen

[Ed note: This article was updated on January 11 to reflect the fact that the seizure has been lifted.]

A pizza place in Dorchester was shut down today following a raid by the police and state revenue officials.

The Dorchester Reporter says that Hi-Fi Pizza on Dorchester Avenue in Fields Corner was seized by the state this afternoon for nonpayment of taxes in the amount of more than $26,000. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts now has possession of the property, after what looks to be "many attempts" to work out a payment plan with the owner of the restaurant (the taxes owed date back to the fall of 2005). It appears that Hi-Fi Pizza could reopen if some sort of a payment agreement is set up.

[January 11 update: A new article in the Dorchester Reporter states that a deal has been worked out between the state and the owners of Hi-Fi Pizza, so the seizure has been lifted and the dining spot could be open once again as early as this evening.]

Hi-Fi Pizza has been in business for "decades," according to the Reporter.

The address for this pizza place in Fields Corner is Hi-Fi Pizza, 1508 Dorchester Avenue,  Dorchester, MA, 02122.