Friday, February 22, 2013

Doves and Figs Jam Is Going National

The person behind an Arlington-based business that focuses on jams is getting ready to go national with her products.

An article in this week's Arlington Advocate mentions that Robin Cohen is in the process of getting a license so she can sell her Doves and Figs jams outside of the state of Massachusetts. The article mentions that Cohen is looking to sell her products in New York, Florida, and Toronto, which would take her jams well beyond stores and farmers markets in the Boston area, where they are presently found. If the license is approved, the Advocate says that Cohen will likely hire a couple of people as her business increases.

[March 10 update: Robin Cohen has received her final permit so she is now ready to move ahead with her plans to sell her products in other parts of the country.]

A few of the jams sold under the Doves and Figs name include cranberry and brown mustard seed; blueberry, port wine, and cinnamon; fig, apple, and cranberry; and spicy apple and chipotle. The website for the business can be found at