Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Former Trader Joe's President to Open Dorchester Market That Sells Expired Food

The former head of an eclectic grocery store chain is looking to open a market in a Boston neighborhood, and it would apparently be selling "expired" foods to low-income folks, among other affordable items.

The Boston Globe is reporting that Doug Rauch, the ex-president of Trader Joe's, is planning to bring a 10,000-square-foot food store to Dorchester as part of his Urban Food Initiative. The article says that the market will be stocked with foods that are near or just past their sell-by dates that may otherwise go to waste, and would include healthy takeout items, packaged vegetables, and milk at low prices. A teaching kitchen may also be part of the store, which will be in a building that is owned by the Codman Square Health Center, according to the Globe.

The article mentions that Massachusetts state law allows for the selling of expired food in stores, though it must be "wholesome" and "aesthetically pleasing," and it has to be marked as expired and in a separate area from products that have not yet reached their sell-by date.

[January 23, 2014 update: Fox News mentions that the new market, which will be called Daily Table, is planning to open in Dorchester in May. The article also says that in addition to expired food, the grocery store will also sell items that have damaged packaging as well as "repurposed" food.]

[June 5, 2015 update: According to a post on its Facebook page, Daily Table is now open, with the address being 450 Washington Street (by Park Street) in Dorchester. The market's website can be found at]

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