Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Painted Burro to Open in Boston's Downtown Crossing

[Ed note: This article was updated on August 8 to reflect the fact that the new place in Downtown Crossing will be another location of The Painted Burro.]

It looks like the owner of a couple of Somerville restaurants is going to be opening a new spot in the heart of Boston.

According to Craig Caplan, who is President of the Downtown Crossing Vending Association, Joe Cassinelli of The Painted Burro and Pizzeria Posto in Davis Square is planning to open a restaurant on Temple Place in Downtown Crossing, moving into the space where Windsor Button currently resides. A Facebook post on The REAL Downtown Crossing Page indicates that Windsor Button is currently having a going out of business sale, though no specific information appears to be available on the upcoming dining spot, including a name or the type of cuisine it might be featuring (keep checking back for updates).

[August 8 update: Eater Boston reports that the new spot in Downtown Crossing will be another location of The Painted Burro, and that it will be much bigger than the original, though with a "lot of similarities." It could be awhile before the new Painted Burro opens, as the design for the place is being finished up, with construction to follow.]

[March 10, 2014 update: A post on the Craigslist site indicates that The Painted Burro plans to open its new location in Downtown Crossing sometime in May. (The post also mentions that the two-story restaurant is looking for a bar manager and a "tequila ambassador.")]

Cassinelli has also opened a new drinking place called the Burro Bar, which is adjacent to The Painted Burro.

The address for this planned restaurant in Downtown Crossing is 35 Temple Place, Boston, MA, 02111.