Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wild Flour (Formerly Cakes Bakery and Cafe) in Milton Has Been Seized by the State

A bakery, cafe, and caterer just south of the Boston line has apparently been seized by the state.

A Twitter post shows that Wild Flour in Milton is now closed, with a "seized" sign on the door. The sign indicates that the place was shut down due to nonpayment of taxes and has been taken over by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is not known when (or if) Wild Flour might reopen, or if there is some kind of a payment plan being worked out for the Eliot Street spot; as soon as we find out more, we will post an update here.

[February 27 update: A post on their Facebook page indicates that Wild Flour is hoping "to be able to put together a payment plan" so that they can reopen, though a later note mentions that "so far things are not looking good with the DOR."]

[March 4 update: A new post on their Facebook page indicates that Wild Flour will probably not be able to reopen in their Milton location after being seized by the state, as they say that "at this point it appears that this location will not reopen." They do mention, however, that at some point they hope to look for a new location of their cafe in the Milton area, so stay tuned.]

Wild Flour had previously been called Cakes Bakery and Cafe, which had two other shops in Arlington and Watertown that are no longer in operation. Their website shows that two other Wild Flour locations can be found in Cumberland and Wickford, RI (it isn't yet known whether those have been seized as well).

The address for this now-closed bakery and cafe in Milton is 95 Eliot Street, Milton, MA, 02186. Their website is at http://www.wildflourgroup.com/

Thanks to Eat Boston for bringing this to our attention.

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Blogger Elayne said...

I drove by there today and there is a for lease sign on the door & window.

2:20 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

Thanks for the update, Elayne.

2:49 PM  
Blogger SweetShop said...

Both RI locations closed as well..nonpayment of rent

12:45 PM  

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