Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Update: Basha Becomes Alborz, Which Moved into the Casbah Space, Which Had Moved into the Basha Space

[Ed note: This article was updated on April 2, 2014, to reflect a name change for the upcoming restaurant.]

A new Middle Eastern restaurant is replacing another Middle Eastern restaurant in Cambridge, and it will be taking the name of the Middle Eastern restaurant that had been there previously.

Eater Boston is reporting that Basha is returning to New Street in the city's Fresh Pond section, and it will be taking over the space where Casbah had been since October of 2011, when it had replaced a dining spot that was also called Basha. According to EB, the new Basha will apparently be much like the old Basha, with a similar menu featuring Lebanese dishes, and the person behind had worked at Casbah. It looks like Basha soft-opened recently but has since closed, though it appears that the eatery will be having an official opening soon. (Note: Some of the information here comes from meeting minutes from the City of Cambridge website.)

As Eater Boston mentions, it looks like earlier plans for a BBQ spot called the Fat Man Cafe have fallen through for the space.

[April 2, 2014 update: Based on an Instagram photo from ohbabyboston, the name of  Basha has changed to Alborz. (This has been confirmed by the City of Cambridge website.) It does appear that the restaurant is open for business; as soon as we find out its status, we will post another update here.]

The address for this upcoming restaurant is 26 New Street, Cambridge, MA, 02138.

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