Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Medford Is Moving Ahead with Food Truck Plans

Last spring we reported that Medford was looking into the possibility of setting up a food truck program. Now it looks like plans may be moving ahead, with two areas within the city being mentioned as potential sites for trucks.

The Medford Transcript is reporting that a plan to create a new food truck regulation ordinance was approved by the city last week, with the Licensing Subcommittee mentioning the possibility of having trucks on College Avenue near Cousens Gym at Tufts University along with River's Edge Drive on the Malden River by the ballpark. These proposed locations would likely be in addition to the setting up of food trucks during the Farmers Market and the Circle the Square events, which both had trucks as part of a pilot program last year.

The proposed food truck program will be reviewed by the city at a future date which has not yet been announced, according to the Transcript.

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