Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Boston Globe Is Hosting an Irish Pubs Showdown Tournament

Some of you may have heard of The Boston Globe's Munch Madness, which has local dining spots facing off against each other in a voting bracket. Now the newspaper has a different kind of tournament, with this one focusing on St. Patrick's Day.

This week, the Globe has set up a "Boston Irish pubs showdown" that pits 32 pubs in the Boston area against each other, with readers voting for their favorites. The competition is now into the second round (16 pubs remaining), with such names as The Green Briar in Brighton, The Field in Cambridge, McGreevy's in the Back Bay, The Thirsty Scholar in Somerville, The Eire in Dorchester, and others in the running. Each round lasts one day, with the winner of the tournament being announced on Monday, March 18.

[March 15 update: Rounds two through four are in the books, with the tournament being down to the final two pubs.]

[March 18 update: The Boston Irish pubs showdown is over, with J.J. Foley's in Boston's South End winning the tournament. (See complete details via the link below.)]

The link to the Boston Irish pubs showdown is at:


Thanks to BostonTweet for bringing this to our attention.

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