Monday, April 01, 2013

Update: Pu Pu Hot Pot in Cambridge Is Becoming Patty Chen's Dumpling Room

[Ed note: This article was updated on July 8 to reflect a slight name change for the new place.]

A Chinese restaurant in Cambridge with a rather interesting name will be making way for a new Asian dining spot.

Cambridge Day is reporting that Pu Pu Hot Pot on Main Street in the city's Central Square neighborhood will be replaced by The Dumpling Room [ed note--now called Patty Chen's Dumpling Room], with the new place featuring what could be Taiwanese-style dumplings and possibly other items. The chef at the 20-year-old Pu Pu Hot Pot (Patty Chen) will be one of the owners of the upcoming Dumpling Room along with Marc Shulman, who runs the soon-to-close All Asia Bar on Mass. Ave. with Chen, and eventually, a new club coming to Central Square called the Prospect Lounge.

Expect a June opening for Patty Chen's Dumpling Room, according to the article.

[June 10 update: Eater Boston states (via Toscanini's Facebook page) that Pu Pu Hot Pot is now officially closed. As soon as we find out when Dumpling Room will be opening, we will post another update here.]

[July 8 update: A new post from Eater Boston indicates that Patty Chen's Dumpling Room plans to open in the middle of this month, and that it will feature both traditional and sweet dumplings (EB mentions Nutella and bananas among the latter category).]

September 12 update: The latest post from Eater Boston says that Patty Chen's Dumpling Room is having a soft opening today, with its grand opening being this Sunday.]

[September 16 update: A quick confirmation--according to its website, Patty Chen's Dumpling Room has officially opened.]

The address for Patty Chen's Dumpling Room is 907 Main Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139.

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