Monday, April 29, 2013

The Gleaners' Kitchen in Somerville Makes Plans to Offer Free Food via Supermarket Dumpsters

A very different kind of restaurant could be coming to the Boston area this summer.

Grub Street Boston is reporting (via Time Magazine) that The Gleaners' Kitchen is looking to open in Somerville, with the owner of the cafe (Maximus Thaler) planning to have the 24-hour cafe offer free dishes made using food from supermarket dumpsters that has been inspected and cleaned. The eatery does not yet have a location, but their website mentions that by the end of May they could start serving food from a house in the Powderhouse Circle area, and a Kickstarter campaign is now fully funded, which will allow them the option of finding a space for their restaurant.

Based on a menu within The Gleaners' Kitchen site, possible food items offered could include roasted potatoes, fruit salad, pesto spaghetti, roasted chicken, and quiche. Coffee, tea, and soup will also be available, according to Grub Street.

The website for this upcoming dining spot can be found at

[March 19, 2014 update: An article in Boston Magazine indicates that The Gleaners' Kitchen will not be happening after all, as the project ultimately fell apart and the Kickstarter funds evaporated from being spent on rent.]

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