Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Woman Interviews for Job at Gyu-Kaku in Brookline, Allegedly Walks Off with Laptop and Smartphone

A person who was interviewing for a job at a new Japanese restaurant in Brookline allegedly left the place with a computer and smartphone that wasn't hers.

The Brookline TAB is reporting that a 26-year-old woman from Boston who came to Gyu-Kaku on Beacon Street to apply for a job apparently stole an Apple laptop and an iPhone from one of the restaurant's employees while she was there, though she was tracked down and arrested because she left her name and phone number on the job application. According to the article, a police officer attempted to reach her by phone several times after the alleged theft before letting her know that she would need to show up at the police station. The woman allegedly called back and said she did not want to go to the station for fear of being arrested and she also said she refused to surrender. She was then arrested while at an event in Boston and was charged with larceny.

The computer and smartphone remain missing, according to the TAB.

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