Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Ichiban Yakitori Sushi House Is Opening in former Pan Thai Space in Boston

A new Japanese restaurant is on its way to Boston, and it will be moving into the space where a Thai eatery had been.

The Boston Hospitality and Tourism Industry Blog confirms what an earlier Eater Boston article had mentioned back in March, that Ichiban Yakitori Sushi House is planning to open on Westland Avenue near Symphony Hall, taking over the former Pan Thai spot. There does not appear to be a specific opening date for the Japanese dining spot, nor does there appear to be a website or menu available, so keep checking back for updates.

[August 27 update: Eater Boston states that Ichiban Yakitori Sushi House is apparently planning to open this month (this week?); keep checking back for more updates.]

[November 19 update: According to one of our readers, Ichiban Yakitori Sushi House has apparently opened. A phone call placed to the restaurant to confirm this went unanswered, but its website is now up and includes a menu which shows a variety of grilled items and skewers, such as pork belly, fish balls, clams, white broccoli,. and squid. As soon as we have 100% confirmation of its opening, we will post another update here.]

The address for this new restaurant near Symphony Hall is: Ichiban Yakitori Sushi House, 14 Westland Avenue, Boston, MA, 02115. Its website is at

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It's open!

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