Monday, September 23, 2013

Akai Ryu Shabu and Sushi Is Opening in Cambridge's Porter Square

It looks like a new Asian restaurant is on its way to one of the busiest sections of Cambridge.

According to a License Commission General Hearing page on the city's website, a place called Red Dragon & Sushi is requesting a common victualer license for a space in Porter Square, with the proposed dining spot having a seating capacity of 200 and lunch and dinner service seven days a week. Based on the notice, it appears that the new restaurant will not be serving alcohol.

[September 24 update: Eater Boston mentions (via the Arizona Corporate Commission) that the person behind this upcoming eatery also runs a takeout place in Laveen, AZ, called Red Dragon Express.]

[November 22 update: A new License Commission General Hearing page from the City of Cambridge's website indicates that a name change is in the works for the restaurant, with the new name being "Akai Ryu Shabu & Sushi."]

[June 19, 2014 update: A new post from Eater Boston indicates that Akai Ryu is now open, with the restaurant offering shabu-shabu, sushi, and more.]

The building that this new restaurant is moving into is One Porter Square, which is where a location of Uno Chicago Grill used to be--and which is where a branch of Potbelly Sandwich Shop currently resides.

The address for this new eatery in Cambridge is One Porter Square, Cambridge, MA, 02140.