Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yuengling Beer to Return to Massachusetts

It looks like America's oldest brewery is coming back to Massachusetts.

According to a post in Banker & Tradesman, Yuengling is currently finalizing plans to return to the state early next year a couple of decades after leaving the market. The article says that the Pennsylvania-based brewer could end up building a brewery in the state depending on the amount of demand, though bringing its beers in from existing plants is also a possibility as well. Currently, Yuengling cannot be found anywhere in New England, though it is available in New York.

[December 10 update: A Facebook post from the Craft Brewers Guild indicates that Yuengling is coming to Boston (and presumably Massachusetts) in March of 2014; in addition, a Twitter post from Yuengling says that "we're on our way. Stay tuned for updates about timing and shipments."]

[February 12, 2014 update: The Boston Herald states that Yuengling will return to Massachusetts on March 3, with the beer being available in restaurants, bars, and package stores.]

[February 27, 2014 update: Yuengling is still on track to arrive in stores on March 3, but it actually arrived early at restaurants and bars throughout the area, with this past Monday apparently being its first day here.]

Yuengling, which is headquartered in Pottsville, PA, first started out in 1829 and is now one of the largest brewing companies in the United States. Its most popular beer is its lager, though the company also offers porter, black and tan, ale, light beers, and a premium beer. The website for Yuengling can be found at