Monday, November 25, 2013

Tiki Hideaway in Boston's Fenway Neighborhood Is Closing

It looks like a bar that has been in the Fenway section of Boston for decades is going to be shutting its doors.

According to a post on its Facebook page, the Tiki Hideaway within the Howard Johnson Inn on Boylston Street is getting ready to close, as the note says that "Unfortunately, the Hotel will be changing owners and will be closing for renovations by year end." It is not yet known whether the Hong Kong Cafe, a Chinese restaurant that is also located within the hotel, will be closing as well.

[December 4 update: A new Facebook post from the spot indicates (via an events page link) that the hotel "as we know it is at the end. Dates not confirmed but probably around the 14th." Still no word on the Hong Kong Cafe, but it appears that it may be closing as well.]

[December 10 update: Based on a new note on its Facebook page, it appears that the Tiki Hideaway will be closing this Friday (November 13).]

[December 13 update: A phone call placed to the hotel confirms that the Tiki Hideaway has officially closed (it will not be open tonight).]

The Tiki Hideaway has been known as a place to go for old-school Polynesian drinks (including scorpion bowls), live music and comedy, with food being offered by the Hong Kong Cafe team. The bar and hotel have been around for a long time, with HoJo's first opening in 1959. (It appears that the bar may have opened around that time as well, based on the Facebook note from the Tiki Hideaway saying that "We will cherish all the great memories from the last 54 years.")

The address for this soon-to-close bar in the Fenway area is: Tiki Hideaway, 1271 Boylston Street, Boston, MA, 02215.

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Blogger Bobby said...

there was an article in today's globe saying that the HoJo is being sold to the same developers that are doing basically everything else in the area, and that the hotel itself will be closed around the end of the year.

9:08 PM  

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