Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hong Kong Cafe in Boston's Fenway Neighborhood Has Closed

A few weeks ago we mentioned that a bar within a hotel in the Fenway section of Boston was going to be closing. The bar has indeed shuttered, and it looks like a Chinese restaurant within the hotel has as well, with its future being very much in doubt.

The Hong Kong Cafe within the Howard Johnson Inn on Boylston Street is now apparently closed--along with the Tiki Hideaway--with plans for the space apparently being up in this air at this point in time. Because of all the unknowns concerning the site, it is not known whether the restaurant or the bar could be coming back to the space or whether they might reopen elsewhere.

[December 28 update: According to Drew Starr, the Hong Kong Cafe was still open as of last night, though it appears that its closure may be imminent, as the hotel's phone is now disconnected.]

[December 30 update: It appears that the end may have officially come for the Hong Kong Cafe, as a check on the place over the weekend shows that there is a fence around both the hotel and the restaurant, with a sign out front indicating that both are out of business. (A phone call placed to the Hong Kong Cafe would not go through because the mailbox is full.) One final note--an update from The Restaurant Hub blog of The Boston Globe mentions via a worker at the restaurant that the Hong Kong Cafe has moved to 1391 Beacon Street in Brookline, though the worker may have meant that the Hong Kong Cafe II, which opened in that space in the spring of this year, simply remains open.]

The Tiki Hideaway shut down on December 13.

The  address for this restaurant in the Fenway area was: Hong Kong Cafe, 1271 Boylston Street, Boston, MA, 02215.

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