Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Strip by Strega Is Opening at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel

It looks like a growing group of restaurants in the Boston area is going to be expanding once again.

The Boston Business Journal is reporting that Nick Varano of The Varano Group is planning to open Strip by Strega at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, moving into the 6,900-square-foot space where Whiskey Park had once been. The article mentions that the new restaurant would be a steakhouse with steaks similar to those found on the menu at Strega Prime, which opened last August. The Bay Village Neighborhood Association will hear about Varano's plans this evening.

[April 1, 2015 update: According to an article in The Boston Herald, Strip by Strega is opening on April 18.]

Other restaurants that are run by The Varano Group include Strega Waterfront at Fan Pier, Strega North End, and Nico, which is also in the North End.