Monday, March 17, 2014

Dave, Dan, and Michael Andelman of The Phantom Gourmet Purchase the Mendon Drive-In

The three brothers behind The Phantom Gourmet have decided to do a bit of shopping, purchasing a landmark drive-in that is also home to a popular snack bar.

According to a Facebook post sent out on Friday, Dave, Dan, and Michael Andelman are the new owners of the Mendon Twin Drive-In, with 2014 being a transition year as the present owners consult with the brothers while also saying their goodbyes to their customers. The note says that the Andelmans are interested in the preservation of the drive-in while also "expanding new horizons," though it is not yet known what the exact plans will be at this point in time, nor is it known if any changes will be made to the snack shack, which features a wide variety of food and drink items, including clam chowder, popcorn chicken, hot dogs, burgers, cheese fries, tacos, burritos, nachos, pretzels, popcorn, soft serve, frozen yogurt, root beer floats, and raspberry lime rickeys.

[April 18 update: A Facebook post from the Phantom Gourmet indicates that the Mendon Twin Drive-In opens for the season this evening, with this also being the Andelman brothers' first day as the new owners.]

The address for the Mendon Twin Drive-In is 35 Milford Street, Mendon, MA, 01756, while its website can be found at