Monday, March 31, 2014

Eastern Standard in Boston's Kenmore Square Wins the Boston Globe's 2014 Munch Madness

A restaurant tournament that The Boston Globe models after the NCAA's March Madness has just wrapped up, and a well-known restaurant in the city's Kenmore Square neighborhood has come out on top.

According to the page for the contest, Eastern Standard defeated Row 34 (a seafood spot in Fort Point) in the finals, breaking the string of three victories in a row by Cambridge's Hungry Mother. Eastern Standard had defeated Toro in the South End in the semifinals, while Row 34 had beaten Neptune in the North End. (Hungry Mother and other previous winners were "retired" this year to allow other restaurants to get the chance at the crown.)

Munch Madness is based on reader votes, with 64 area dining spots competing.

To see the complete results of the 2014 Munch Madness, please go to the Boston Globe link below:

Welcome to Munch Madness 2014!

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