Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PawPupBoston (a Pop-Up Restaurant For Dogs) Is Coming to Boston

It looks like a new pop-up restaurant may be on its way to the Boston area, though this one apparently won't be for humans.

Eater Boston mentions that a new pop-up spot for dogs called PawPupBoston appears to be in the works for the area, with a Twitter post from the place saying that a sneak peek of the menu is coming next week. Very little information on PawPupBoston has been given, though its Twitter page has the phrase "Boston's Best Fine Dining Pop Up Restaurant For Pets." (And just in case some are wondering, another Twitter post from them says "Of course we're real!")

As soon as we find out more about PawPupBoston, we will post an update here.

[March 14 update: Zagat gives a bit more info on PawPupBoston, saying that the menu will be divided into six courses that are named after commands commonly used for dogs--for instance, "Sit" will be a nicoise salad of tuna, eggs and green beans while "Calm" will be a watermelon basil gazpacho shot--with unfinished food put into a "people bag." (It appears that dogs and their owners may even be able to share dishes, as a note says that "If you wish to share a meal with your pet, there is a nominal split plate fee.") The article also says that while PawPupBoston will focus on dogs, it may expand into offering food to cats at some point.]