Monday, March 10, 2014

Poster for Upcoming Steakhouse in Boston Sparks Outrage

A poster put up for a steakhouse that is coming to Boston has created an uproar, though it appears that it has now been taken down.

Over the weekend, Universal Hub mentioned (via a Facebook post by Charles Draghi of  Erbaluce) a poster advertising the upcoming Strip by Strega at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, with the picture showing a woman lying on her back in an unflattering position with a piece of raw meat attached to a hook dangling by her mouth. The backlash was immediate, with commenters on Draghi's post using such terms as "staggering vulgarity," "seriously disturbing/wrong/just absolutely awful," "tasteless," "gross," and "sickening" to describe it.

The Restaurant Hub blog of The Boston Globe states that the poster is no longer there, apparently having been taken down last night or this morning.

Strip by Strega is a new spot coming from The Varano Group, which is also behind Strega Waterfront at Fan Pier, Strega North End, and Nico in the North End.

[Earlier Article]
Strip by Strega Plans to Open at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel

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