Wednesday, May 21, 2014

After Storefront Collapse, Zoe's and Mixtura in Somerville Are Both Reopening

Last September, a pair of restaurants in Somerville were forced to shut down after their storefront collapsed. Now it looks like both will soon be reopening again.

Eater Boston is reporting that both Zoe's and Mixtura on Beacon Street are getting ready to open back up; earlier reports here had mentioned that Zoe's would indeed reopen, but the status of Mixtura was unknown until now. Both dining spots closed in September of 2013 after the front of the building in which they reside collapsed, with large chunks of the facade crashing to the sidewalk below. Construction has been taking place over the past few months, with work on the structure looking like it is almost complete now.

[June 5 update: Based on a Facebook post from the restaurant, it looks like Zoe's will open sometime in July; it is still not known when Mixtura might open.]

[July 18 update: A poster on Twitter mentions that Mixtura is opening this weekend.]

[August 11 update: Another Twitter poster has put up a picture indicating that Zoe's plans to open tomorrow (Tuesday, August 12).]

Zoe's is a Chinese restaurant that is located at 296 Beacon Street, while Mixtura is a Latin American eatery that is located next door at 300 Beacon Street.

[Earlier Article]
Storefront of Zoe's and Mixtura in Somerville Collapses

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