Thursday, May 01, 2014

Republic May Be Coming to South Boston

It looks like a new restaurant could be coming to a section of South Boston that is mostly residential and industrial.

According to a Licensing Board page within the City of Boston website, a dining spot that is tentatively called Republic is planning to open on Dorchester Street, with the address indicating (via an earlier article from that it would be located on the ground floor of a new residential development a few blocks north of Broadway. It appears that plans for the new spot in Southie may include a seasonal atrium lounge and bar along with a seasonal patio, though little else is known about it at this point in time.

The hearing page mentions that Republic is seeking a transfer of a liquor license from Charley's Eating & Drinking Saloon, a Newbury Street restaurant that shut down in September of 2012.

[July 24, 2015 update: It has been more than a year since any updates on Republic have been given, but now a new Licensing Board page for a July 29 hearing indicates that plans for the restaurant are still on, and that it is now seeking the license of the now-closed Owl Station Japanese Bistro, which had been on W Broadway in Southie. The post says that Republic would have an indoor dining area and bar section, and an open-air atrium (with a fire pit) still appears to be in the works for the place.]

[July 30, 2015 update: Universal Hub is reporting that the city has given Republic the green light, though only after the owners agreed to a smaller version of the place, cutting the seating from 240 to 130 and scrapping plans to include an outdoor patio (the restaurant's accordian-style windows will also have to be closed at 8:00 PM).]

The address for this upcoming restaurant in South Boston is: Republic, 11 Dorchester Street, South Boston, MA, 02127.