Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fred's Franks in Wakefield Cuts Hours After New Law Apparently Takes Effect

A couple of years ago, we wrote that a hot dog stand in the northern suburbs of Boston was reportedly paid a visit by someone who claimed to be a representative of a state agency and told that the stand may need to move. That never happened, though now the hot dog stand appears to be facing another similar problem with its location.

According to a Facebook post from the stand, Fred's Franks in Wakefield has had to reduce their hours apparently because of the following: "Due to a new law in Wakefield, Fred's Franks is only allowed to conduct business for 2 hours at a time. After 2 hours we must move 100 ft which is a difficult task for us due to the fact that we have 2 fired Big Green Eggs. So, we will be conducting business from 11:30-1:30ish daily till further notice." It is not known why they need to move their stand after two hours, but the ruling appears to be in effect immediately, as another note on the Facebook page says "The police came down [Tuesday] and said they are going to enforce it starting [yesterday]."

Fred's Franks is located on the northern edge of Lake Quannapowitt, just south of the Route 128/129 intersection. Its website is at

Thanks to one of our readers for bringing this to our attention.

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Fred's Franks in Wakefield May Have to Move

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Blogger Richard Auffrey said...

It appears that in 2013, the town of Wakefield changed their Hawkers & Peddlers law to require them to move after 2 hours, and no closer to 100 feet. Prior to 2013, the law did not require such moving, though there were complaints, since at least 2006, about some of these vendors remaining in the same spot all the time.

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