Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mollie Maguire's Pub Opens in Former Union Chowder House Space in South Weymouth

A seafood restaurant on the South Shore has been replaced by an Irish pub.

According to a source over the weekend (and confirmed by a poster on Twitter), Mollie Maguire's Pub is now open in South Weymouth, with the pub moving into the space on Union Street where the Union Chowder House had been. The new dining and drinking spot is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, with items such as an Irish breakfast, clam chowder, fish and chips, shepherd's pie, short rib beef stew, a boiled dinner, grilled salmon, and baked scrod on the menu.

The Union Chowder House had been in business for approximately 25 years.

The address for this new Irish pub in South Weymouth is: Mollie Maguire's Pub, 26 Union Street, South Weymouth, MA, 02190. Its website can be found at http://molliemaguirespub.com/

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

I visited for lunch at the recommendation of my co-workers arriving on Thursday 7/3 at 12:15 p.m. I ordered fish and chips and my friend ordered a turkey club sandwich. There were only about 5 other parties in the restaurant and it was quite hot. We waited over 35 minutes for our lunches to arrive. I put my fork into the fish and tried to pull a piece off - totally rubbery and uncooked. Gross. The bread on my friend's turkey club was barely warmed in the toaster. I complained to the waitress who apologized and noted I wouldn't be charged for the fish. (How nice of her). I didn't have time to wait for another entree so my friend shared her sandwich with me. Unremarkable club sandwich. We still had to pay for her sandwich and 2 soft drinks. Waitress walked by our table 3 times after we left the charge card on top of the bill for her to pick up without stopping. She took my phone number and said she'd have the manager call me but I never got a call. This place will never survive - can't put a lunch out on the table in less than half hour, can't fry a piece of fish, crummy service and a management that clearly doesn't care.

6:18 PM  

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