Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pho House Opening in Cambridge

[Ed note: This article was updated on August 18 to reflect what appears to be another name change for the upcoming eatery.]

A new Thai and Vietnamese restaurant is on its way to Cambridge, and it looks like it will be taking over the space where another Thai dining spot had been.

According to a Twitter post from @TheDrewStarr (via an Instagram picture from peopleskaraoke), a restaurant that will tentatively be named Pho Kup is planning to open on Mass. Ave. between Porter Square and Harvard Square, with a note sent from Rich O's Ravings indicating that the eatery will be moving into the space close to Porter Square where Tamarind House was until closing a few months ago. An earlier article posted here mentioned that the tentative name for this spot had originally been DD Restaurant, and it appears that the upcoming restaurant may have a connection to Pho & Rice in Somerville.

[August 18 update: A new note sent from Rich O's Ravings indicates that the restaurant moving into the Tamarind House will now apparently be called Pho House, not Pho Kup--or DD Restaurant--as had been mentioned earlier. (An earlier article from Eater Boston had stated that a sign for Pho House had actually been up for awhile before a new sign went up saying it would be called Pho Kup.)]

[October 6 update: Another note sent from Rich O's Ravings indicates that Pho House is now open. (This has been confirmed by Eater Boston.)]

It looks like the new spot could be opening sometime in August, according to the Instagram photo.

The address for this new Thai and Vietnamese restaurant in Cambridge is 1790 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02140.

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