Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fred's Franks in Wakefield Kicked Off Property; Owner Seeks New Location

Last week we reported that a hot dog stand north of Boston had to reduce its hours, apparently because of a new law that only allowed it to conduct business for two hours at a time before having to move to a new spot. Now we have learned that the situation for the stand has taken a turn for the worse.

According to a post on its Facebook page, Fred's Franks has been booted from the northern edge of Lake Quannapowitt, with the note saying that on Sunday, "a Wakefield police officer...informed me that I was not to conduct business there any longer that I was trespassing and if I do I would be arrested." Because of this, the hot dog stand is now closed while the owner decides what to do. One option appears to be a move that would likely take it out of Wakefield, though a new note on the Facebook page mentions that the owner is "Seeking legal council today...Especially being on state property with proper documentation!"

More updates on the status of Fred's Franks will likely be on the way, so keep checking back for updates.

[June 23 update: A new post on the Fred's Franks Facebook page says that a private hearing will take place tonight after the town Selectmen's meeting, looking into the situation concerning the removal of the hot dog stand from the property on the northern edge of Lake Quannapowitt. (Stay tuned for more updates as early as tomorrow.)]

[August 22 update: A reply to a Facebook post this week indicates that Fred's Franks is still looking for a permanent location, though the thread also mentions that Fred's is still around and can be found at various spots, including the Medford Farmers Market and the Feast Italia in Wakefield.]

[September 17 update: Based on new information within the Fred's Franks Facebook page, it looks like there could be not one, but two locations of the hot dog stand on the way; starting Monday September 22, Fred's will be at The Hyatt Place parking lot in Medford Square (more details to come on exact hours and days), and they are also hoping to open a permanent location in Wakefield that would be open year around.]

Thanks to a source for initially bringing this to our attention.

[Earlier Article]
Fred's Franks in Wakefield Cuts Hours After New Law Apparently Takes Effect

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Blogger Steve Baker said...

So, you want to get really outraged? There are two businesses in Wakefield that had Peddler licenses. (Fred's Frank's and a slush stand that is down by the common, both have been there for many years without incident). With the new law, Fred's was shut down (by the police). The slush stand, which is supposed to move every 2 hours has not moved once and is not being hassled at all. (Rumor is the owner of the slush stand knows someone at town hall). Citizens have called and been told 'the slush stand, is not a concern at this time). Sounds to me like this was a farce by the town to get rid of Fred's and then go back to not enforcing the law.

11:45 AM  

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