Monday, June 30, 2014

Watch City Brewing Co. in Waltham Has Closed

A brewpub and brewery in Waltham has closed, and it is not known if or when it might reopen.

According to several sources (including @TenSpeedMike), Watch City Brewing Co. on Moody Street has "closed for repairs," with a few across social media saying that the closure could be permanent, though nothing has been confirmed either way as of yet. As soon as we find out the exact status of the place, we will post an update here.

[July 3 update: It appears that the closing of Watch City Brewing Co. might not be permanent after all, though it is facing some struggles; according to an article in the Waltham News Tribune, Watch City owner Jocelyn Hughes says that she is trying to get finances to repair an air conditioning unit and compensate workers who have not received their paychecks. The post also says that a tax lien filed against the brewpub in the fall of 2013 for unpaid meal taxes "hasn't been satisfied," according to a person with the Department of Revenue. Hughes mentions that she does not want to sell Watch City, though it does appear to be an option--and the article states that the place may actually be up for sale, based on an ad within the Craigslist site.]

[July 25 update: It looks like it is the end of the line for Watch City Brewing Co., as a Twitter post says that an auction will be taking place on Wednesday, July 30. (A link to an AvenueAuctions Flickr page shows photos of the brewpub and brewery.)]

[July 31 update: The Waltham News Tribune mentions that just about everything was sold off yesterday at the Watch City Brewing Co. auction, "including the kitchen sink," with the actual brewing equipment being auctioned off to a group from Barre, MA for $41,000. An interesting side note from the News Tribune (via a newsletter from The Downtown Waltham Partnership) is that another brewery may be looking at taking over the space.]

Watch City Brewing Co. is a brewpub that also offers traditional and modern American fare; it offers a number of beers made on the premises, and it also does brewery tours. The place opened approximately 20 years ago.

The address for this brewpub and brewery in Waltham is: Watch City Brewing Co., 256 Moody Street, Waltham, MA, 02453. Its website can be found at