Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sam Monsour (jm Curley Alum, Co-Founder of The Future of Junk Food) Moving to Los Angeles

One of the rising stars on the Boston restaurant scene is going to be moving to the West Coast.

Boston Magazine is reporting that Sam Monsour is planning to relocate to Los Angeles this fall, with his plans being to take the Future of Junk Food series national, and to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant. The article says that Monsour, who is known in part for his stint as chef at jm Curley in Boston's Downtown Crossing, will host a fifth pop-up of the Future of Junk Food series in L.A. with co-founder Mark O'Leary, followed by events in other cities around the country and beyond, including in New York, Chicago, Seattle, and other places. Monsour will also be putting the final touches of his hamburger cookbook with Richard Chudy of the Boston Burger Blog, and he will starting a Project Hunger line of aprons, according to Boston Magazine.

The article mentions Monsour will be involved with the "Biggie Brunch" at Alden & Harlow's in Cambridge on August 24 before getting ready for his move.

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