Monday, August 18, 2014

Yumm Bai Food Truck Is On Its Way to the Boston Area

Yet another new food truck is planning to debut in the Boston area, and this one will feature food items found in Southeast Asia.

Eater Boston is reporting that Yumm Bai is looking to hit the streets soon, with the mother and daughter who will run the truck offering Cambodian fare, including  "Ma's Egg Rolls," with the egg rolls made fresh each day. Based on the truck's menu, expect to see such items as chicken skewers, prawn chips, lo mein, and shrimp fried rice in addition to the egg rolls.

According to EB, a Tweet from last month said that Yumm Bai could be opening sometime in August, while more recent pictures posted on its Facebook page show that the truck appears to be almost ready to hit the road.

[August 22 update: According to a post from UrbanDaddy, the Yumm Bai food truck is hoping to debut sometime next week.]

The website for Yumm Bai can be found at