Thursday, September 18, 2014

Brigham's in Arlington Heights to Become Digumm's

It looks like the last of the Brigham's retail shops is finally getting ready to change its name, though the new name won't be all that different from the old name.

According to a source, the Brigham's location in Arlington Heights is going to be called Digumm's, with a rough picture of its logo shown to us this afternoon. It appears that the shop will continue to sell quarts of Brigham's ice cream, though it is not known what other brand(s) of ice cream they will be offering as well--though our source does say that they are also offering Richie's Slush.

All other Brigham's shops have closed or changed over to stores with new names and suppliers over the past few years, though the Brigham's products continue to be sold in convenience stores and supermarkets.

The address for Brigham's in Arlington Heights (and soon, Digumm's) is 1328 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA, 02476.

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