Monday, December 01, 2014

Owners of Middle East in Cambridge's Central Square Purchase Building

Last year we reported that a landmark nightclub and restaurant complex in Cambridge was faced with an uncertain future due to the possibility of its building being sold. Now we have learned that the owners of the club have been able to raise enough money to purchase the building themselves.

According to an article in, Joseph and Nabil Sater of the Middle East club in Central Square have bought the structure on Mass. Ave. that houses the complex. The article touches upon the issue mentioned last year about the owners possibly adding several floors of residential space above the club if they purchased it, though it is not yet known if this remains on the table.

The Middle East, which originally started out as a Middle Eastern restaurant before morphing into a music venue in 1987, consists of a club that features a variety of live acts in its upstairs and downstairs areas, along with a couple of restaurant, bar, and music spaces called ZuZu and The Corner.

The address for The Middle East is 472-480 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02139. Its website can be found at

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