Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Salts in Cambridge Is Apparently Still Hoping to Reopen

It looks like a French-influenced restaurant in Cambridge that has been closed for many months may still be hoping to open back up at some point, at least according to recent actions from the place.

According to a License Commission General Hearing page within the City of Cambridge website, Salts on Main Street between Central Square and Kendall Square "has applied to further extend the inactive status of [its] license," indicating that it may not be closed for good, as some have speculated. Salts was forced to shut down due to a flood in January and has been closed ever since, with the manager saying in a July hearing that the restaurant was "completely destroyed" because of water damage a request was made to have the license become inactive while they figured out when they would be able to rebuild the place (at the time, possibly this past fall); the request was approved by the city and the license has been inactive ever since.

As soon as we hear of the city's decision on whether to allow the license to remain inactive--and any news on if/when Salt might reopen--we will post an update here.

The address for Salts is 798 Main Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139. Its website can be found at http://www.saltsrestaurant.com/

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