Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Trillium Brewing in Boston's Fort Point Has Closed; Status Uncertain

A family-run brewery in one of Boston's hottest neighborhoods for dining and drinking has closed its doors--and no one seems to know what is going to happen to the place.

An article from BostInno confirms what several other sources have said of late, that Trillium Brewing in the Fort Point neighborhood of the city is shuttered, and while there has been talk that this is a temporary closing, the post says that "nobody seems certain when they might reopen – including the company itself." The Congress Street brewery had said late last month (via social media) that it had to close and since then, little other information has come out about its status.

The Beer Advocate site indicates (via the Commonwealth of Massachusetts site) that a hearing was scheduled yesterday "to determine whether [Trillium's] application under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 138 should be approved or disapproved." As soon as we find out more about the outcome of the hearing--and the status of Trillium--we will post an update here.

[December 10 update: According to a new post on Beer Advocate from the owners of Trillium Brewing, their license renewal application for 2014 was never processed and they only recently found this out, which is why yesterday's hearing on the approval/disapproval of the license took place (they haven't gotten a decision yet). Thanks to @J_Deer for bringing this to our attention.)]

Trillium first opened its doors in the spring of 2013.

The address for Trillium Brewing is 369 Congress Street, Boston, MA, 02210. Its website can be found at

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