Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A&B Salem to Move to Beverly

A burger spot on the North Shore is going to be moving one town over.

Eater Boston is reporting (via The Salem News) that A&B Salem is hoping to leave its location within a 200-year-old jail complex on St. Peter Street, saying that its proposed move to Beverly is due to such issues as limited parking because of "city-protected green space" and a possible interior expansion being hindered by "protected, historic architecture." The owners of the burger place are turning to Kickstarter to help raise funds for a move to the site of a former grocery store on Cabot Street in Beverly, which has resulted in a backlash from some people on its Facebook page; the owners of A&B responded with a followup FB note, saying that the challenges they face by staying in Salem "outweighed the [benefits] when it came to running our business successfully" and that the Kickstarter campaign would only fund 10% of the move.

A&B first opened in December of 2013, taking over the space where the Great Escape restaurant had once been.

[April 1 update: According to a Twitter post from the dining spot, A&B will be moving to Beverly around the end of the summer (their lease in Salem ends August 31).]

[August 7 update: A Facebook post from A&B indicates that they will be open in Salem until August 31, at which point there may be a period of approximately four weeks (with two weeks of training time) before they move into their new home in Beverly.]

[January 5, 2016 update: A new Facebook note from A&B mentions that will open in their new Beverly location on Friday (January 8).]

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