Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dig Out Dine Out Set Up to Help Support Boston-Area Restaurants in the Wake of Recent Snowstorms

A campaign designed to offer savings to diners and help support local restaurants hurt by the historic winter storms has been created.

According to its social media pages, "Dig Out Dine Out" has been put in place with "Boston restaurants...banding together to offer savings to customers through social media to build support for the industry after the historic blizzards." The hashtag #DigOutDineOut can be used by diners to find specials offered at various Boston-area dining spots, with such places as Davio's, Blue Room, Pastoral, Tres Gatos, Belly Wine Bar, Strega, Tico, Back Bay Harry's, Emmet's Pub, West Bridge, Deuxave, and many, many others offering deals.

A couple of ways to find deals are via the Twitter and Facebook links below:

In addition, the following is a link to the Twitter hashtag #DigOutDineOut, which is a quick way to find deals:

Twitter search for #digoutdineout

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