Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Littlest Bar and The Times in Boston Being Forced Out to Make Way for Development

Earlier this year, we reported that a couple of bars in downtown Boston may be forced out in order to make way for new development, only to hear shortly thereafter that they might not have to leave after all. Now we have learned that they will indeed be closing down.

A new article from BostInno states that The Littlest Bar and The Times on Broad Street will have to look for new homes (or close) in order to make way for new development that will include the addition of more than 50 condos above the spaces where both watering holes currently reside. The post says that The Littlest Bar is planning to close in August, though it is not known when The Times might shutter; it could be around that time, however, because construction is slated to begin this fall. (A chat with a source at BostInno confirms that no exact closing date has been given for either spot.) The owner of The Littlest Bar has not ruled out reopening elsewhere--though it is not a given that he will--while there is no word on if The Times will look for a new home.

[August 26 update: According to a Facebook post from The Littlest Bar and another Facebook update from The Times, both places are closing at the end of the month (it looks like next Monday for the two of them), though both are actually moving--The Littlest Bar has not yet announced where it will be going, though The Times says it will be reopening soon at 99 Broad Street.]

[August 27 update: A new Facebook post from The Times indicates that it has been given an extra couple of weeks and will remain open in its current space until September 15. (It is not known if this is also the case with The Littlest Bar, and they have not yet responded to us.)]

[August 27 update #2: A new Facebook update from The Littlest Bar confirms that it will also remain in its current space until September 15.]

[September 11 update: Both The Littlest Bar and The Times had their closing dates pushed up, and they are now officially closed; it is not yet know when The Times will open in its new home at 99 Broad Street, and it is also not known if The Littlest Bar will indeed be moving, and if so, where their new home might be.]

[September 16 update: A message sent from The Times indicates that it will be moving to 99 Broad Street in approximately 4-6 weeks.]

In January, a similar report on the closing of these two bars came out, but in April it looked like at least one if not both bars would be preserved as part of the development plans. The Littlest Bar was actually forced to leave its original home on Province Street in 2006 to make room for condos (it had been there since 1945); The Times has been in its Broad Street home for more than 15 years.

The address for The Littlest Bar is 102 Broad Street while the address for The Times is 112 Broad Street.

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