Tuesday, July 07, 2015

News Elsewhere: Subway Spokesperson Jared Fogle Detained by Federal and State Agents; Home Raided

A well-known spokesperson for a sandwich chain is currently being detained and his home is being raided by federal and state agents as part of an investigation.

According to a post from WTHR-TV Channel 13 in Indianapolis, agents are at the Zionsville home of Jared Fogle this morning, removing electronics that are being analyzed in a forensics van in the driveway of the house while apparently detaining Fogle outside his home, though he is not under arrest at this point. The article indicates that the raid is part of a child pornography investigation, and that it comes on the heels of an arrest in April of a former executive director of the Jared Foundation on child porn. Fogle's wife and children vacated the home just after the start of the raid, according to the article.

Jared Fogle--who is also known as The Subway Guy--started out as a spokesperson for the chain approximately 15 years ago, and he is known in part for his weight loss from what is commonly known as the "Subway diet."

Subway currently has nearly 45,000 locations, including many in and around Boston.

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