Friday, August 28, 2015

Spindler Confections to Open in North Cambridge

A new candy shop is on its way to a part of Cambridge that seems to be becoming a "small confectioners' district."

Cambridge Day is reporting that Spindler Confections is planning to open on Mass. Ave. in North Cambridge next to Nussli 118° (a snack shop focusing on healthy treats) and a short distance away from Pemberton Farms (an upscale market that offers locally-made chocolates, candies, cakes, and desserts). The article mentions that the new store will feature small-batch sweets such as brittles, caramels, and chocolates--and it may eventually may sell cookies and other baked goods during the holiday season as well--with founder Jeremy Spindler saying that "Everything is done by hand, very small batches. No large machinery whatsoever." If all goes as planned, Spindler Confections may possibly open in early November.

[December 4 update: According to a Chowhound poster, Spindler Confections is planning to open sometime in the middle of this month.]

[December 14 update: The Tables section of The Boston Globe states that Spindler Confections is now open.]

As Cambridge Day notes, the city used to be a major player in candy manufacturing, with such big names as Necco, Squirrel Brand, and Tootsie Roll Industries being located there (the latter continues to make Junior Mints from its home on Main Street).

The address for this upcoming candy shop in North Cambridge is: Spindler Confections, 2257 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02140. Its website can be found at

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