Thursday, September 17, 2015

Forge Baking Company in Somerville Is Opening an Ice Cream Shop

Yet another new ice cream shop appears to be coming to Somerville, and the people who run three cafes within the city--including one next door to the space--are behind it.

Eater Boston is reporting (via a planning staff support page within the City of Somerville site) that Forge Baking Company on Somerville Avenue may be joined by an ice cream place that would take over the space between the cafe and Chow N Joy. The proposed shop would have seating for as many as 30 and all of the ice cream made onsite, with most of the space being used for production, training, and offices, as only 550 square feet of the 4,205-square-foot site would be used for the retail shop itself.

The people behind Forge Baking Company also operate Bloc 11 in Union Square and Diesel in Davis Square.

A few new ice cream places have either recently opened or are planning to open in Somerville, including Gracie's in Union Square, Frozen Hoagies by Powder House Circle, J.P. Licks at Assembly Row, and Tipping Cow in the Winter Hill/Magoun Square section of the city.

The address for this new ice cream shop from the people behind Forge Baking Company is 626 Somerville Avenue, Somerville, MA, 02143.

[March 3, 2016 update: Boston Magazine mentions (via a Twitter post from the business) that Forge Baking Company is indeed opening an ice cream shop next door called Forge Ice Cream Bar. The article says that the upcoming shop--which plans to open this spring--will have a "vintage" feel to it, with a soda fountain and an antique dipping cabinet, and it will have seating for approximately 20.]

[July 7, 2016 update: A new article from Boston Magazine states that Forge Ice Cream Bar is now open.]

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