Wednesday, November 11, 2015

City of Boston to Start Giving Letter Grades to Restaurants

A food safety grading system that is used in other cities around the country is going to be set up in Boston.

The Boston Globe is reporting that dining spots around the city will start receiving letter grades (A, B, or C) based on health inspections for the restaurants, with the grades initially being posted online only, though if all goes well, the grades will ultimately be posted in windows of eateries much like in New York City and other places. The article says that a low grade for a dining spot (presumably a "C") would result in having inspectors recheck the place within 30 days, and that the grade would be adjusted upward if the inspection goes well; if fixes have not been made, the grade would remain as is until the next routine inspection. (Typically, inspections are done at least once a year.)

Information on the existing grading system for New York City can be found here.

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